After signing into the Participant Dashboard and clicking on the tournament you are currently playing in, you can see in your overview the matches that you need to play now. More matches will show up when they are ready for you to play.

Clicking on the match will take you into the match overview where you can find Result Reporting and Match Lobby for chat between you and the other team players. Other important information may be on this screen under Information. An admin will put useful information in here such as server details or map details.

If you wish to report a match result, click the Report Result button. You will be taken to a screen where you can input the score, submit any screenshots if requested and any notes on the match. Be sure to select Win under the correct team and enter the score exactly as displayed in game. When done click the Report button at the bottom.

If your result is accepted you will see a similar confirmation screen below. This confirms your result has been accepted by the tournament system. If you have any errors or issues, please raise this with your games admin.

Going back to My Tournaments overview you will see that your match scores are displayed and you will see your next match available. Rinse and repeat!

If your next match says Waiting, this means that another match hasn’t completed yet and your opponent hasn’t been determined. Keep an eye on this for updates!