By choosing to use our group seating booking system, you can get all your friends close by, so you can enjoy RFLAN together!


In order to make a group seating booking follow these simple steps:

  • Collect the ticket reference numbers from everyone in your group, they will look like 111person1209.
  • Take a look at the floor plan below to figure out where you want to sit
  • Submit a group booking form (on the right) to reserve your spot!
  • Once your booking is complete, makes sure everyone on your team knows where to sit!

That’s it!


There’s a few rules etc around the group booking:

  • All of your group must have already purchased tickets and those tickets must be paid for
  • Please be sensible with your team names. If they’re offensive or otherwise unsuitable, we may reject the application, or simply rename the team
  • All allocations are handled on a first come, first serve basis, if someone gets the spot you wanted, we’ll try and put you somewhere comparable.
  • Because it’s sometimes like a giant tetris puzzle, sometimes we need to slightly shift people around in order to make everyone fit. We’ll do our best to put you exactly where you want, but it might not always happen
  • All bookings are processed by a human, so please, be patient.

The best way to enjoy a LAN is with your mates, make sure you organise group seating so we can allocate seats together for you!

Make sure you’ve checked all the rules to the left and everyone in your group has tickets before proceeding!