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What can you do at RFLAN?

RFLAN regularly run LAN gaming events where  ticket holders can bring their own PC and register to join in on our tournaments. This is a fantastic way to come socialise, meet new people, win prizes and have some fun.  For more information about our event try checking out our FAQ section.

There is a wide range of fun and pro tournaments as well as:

  • Console Freeplay
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Fun social event
  • Heaps of prizes etc


This is event starts at 9am 3rd of July, 2021 and ends on the 4th of July, 2021 for 24hrs of gaming.


$50 for a seat at RFLAN. This includes access to power point, ethernet port and entry to the tournaments.

Spectators: Free.

Tickets will be available now!

What to Bring

  • Desktop or notebook PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cords
  • Basic 4-outlet Power board
  • 5 to 10 metre network cable
  • Headphones (No speakers)
  • Driver and software cds, game install cds, spare keyboard/mouse/etc
  • (Optional) Chair, pillows, sleeping gear
  • If you use wireless peripherals, bring corded alternatives in case they stop working due to congestion


What you will need to do

  1. Purchase your ticket!
  2. Enter our Discord server
  3. Follow Red Flag LANFest on Facebook for pre-event prizes and info
  4. Look at the tournament schedule
  5. Get the team together and organize group seating
  6. Register for your tournaments once registrations open
  7. At the event, make sure you check out the intranet for the latest updates and news

What to NOT Bring

  • White goods (bar fridges, freezers, kettles, microwaves, large eskies, etc)
  • Eskies that don’t fit under a chair, or that contain ice or liquids that could leak
  • Speakers, large lights or other potentially irritating devices
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons (real or real-looking replicas)
  • More than one computer, eg additional laptops, NAS devices and servers
  • UPS’s, large fans, or any device that may draw higher power usage
  • Multiple large monitors (Dual 21″ or larger) or large TV-size monitors (30″+)
  • Large quantities of food or drinks
  • Quantities of caffeinated drinks that may be considered dangerous levels

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