Yes! Of course we like red, especially our graphic designer, he can tell you how much he looooves the colour red!

Nope, we are 100% volunteers and do it for the love and support of you guys! Plus tasty treats are always awesome hint hint 😉

One of us! One of us! We’re always super keen to bring new dedicated volunteers onto the team. Find a team member and ask them whats involved or ask to be pointed in the direction of a senior staff member.

Unfortunately we do not have network cables to lend out, however our sponsor PLE will have plenty for sale in their Booth during the event.

Red Team is your one stop shop for most issues and anyone wearing a Red T Shirt can direct you to them, however if it is of a sensitive nature or an issue with one of the volunteers, feel free to ask for the event coordinator or any committee member.

Yes! RFLAN is a streamed event that is organised by our very own #streamteam. The links will be posted on our website during the event and our Twitch feed can be found here.

Yes however we highly encourage you to join in the group orders that are organised by the canteen as it’s very hard for delivery people to find you at the event.

RFLan is an all ages event and is alcohol and drug free.

Do Bring:

  • Desktop or notebook PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cords
  • Basic 4-outlet Power board
  • 5 to 10 metre network cable
  • Headphones. (No speakers.)
  • Driver and software cds, game install cds, spare keyboard/mouse/etc.
  • (Optional) Chair, pillows, sleeping gear
Don’t Bring:

  • White goods (bar fridges, freezers, kettles, microwaves, large eskies, etc)
  • Eskies that don’t fit under a chair, or that contain ice or liquids that could leak
  • Speakers, large lights or other potentially irritating devices
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons (real or real-looking replicas)
  • More than one computer, eg additional laptops, NAS devices and servers
  • UPS’s, large fans, or any device that may draw higher power usage
  • Multiple large monitors (Dual 21″ or larger) or large TV-size monitors (30″+)
  • Large quantities of food or drinks.
  • Quantities of caffeinated drinks that may be considered dangerous levels

Absolutely, your ticket entitles you to your assigned desk. You can come and go as much as you wish during the event however make sure you have your pass at all times and that you don’t miss any of your scheduled games! Remember! If you are not here for your registered tournament when it is due to start, you will be disqualified!

Absolutely! Come check us out, have a chat to our sponsors in their booths and watch some of the tournament action on the live stream. It’s free to come and spectate games however, please don’t bring a computer as you won’t be allowed to use it. If we have not managed to sell out before the event, there may be some tickets available at the door.

Yes, you’ll need to get a spectator wristband from Red Team or at the entrance

Yes, unless there is a scheduled tournament, the consoles are open to all.

You can find where your team is seated by visiting our website, under the events menu you will find our floorplanner. If you organised group seating, you should see your teams allocated seating there

Offer perfectly cooked pastry sacrifices to the infra gods aka admins. Or you could ask Red team….

Once ticket sales have been opened, there will be links to purchase the tickets on all our social platforms including our website (, our facebook page, and our public discord.

Visiting our website at is easiest way to find out when the next event is.

A party where people bring their own computers, hook them up, and game all night long with each other.
Also involves mass comsumption of caffeine and junk food.

I can’t wait to pwn everone at tonight’s lan party.

– Urban Dictionary (2004)