Match communication is imperative to ensure you don’t hold up tournaments unnecessarily. If you have any issues, missing team members, can’t find the other player or team etc, please speak with the games admin. If you need to leave the event premises during a tournament, please inform the games admin of the requirement and they will note this and attempt to work around it with you. Failure to notify the games admin that you are leaving will likely result in a disqualification from the tournament.

Important Notice: Many tournaments at RFLAN have a mandatory requirement to be in the RFLAN discord when playing in the tournament as this is used for important notifications.

RFLAN games admins will use many forms of mass communication and it is recommended that all players and teams are aware of these and utilising them at all times throughout the tournament. These include but not limited to:

  • RFLAN Official Discord
  • In person at the Games Admin Area
  • PA Announcements

Using the official channels to communicate will allow the games admins to better assist you in the case of a problem. Please ensure you are on the RFLAN Discord for communication between admins and players of other teams.