Who’s in charge?

At RFLAN ideally you should be able to approach any other volunteer and staff member for help. However if you need to escalate something or are dealing with something of a sensitive nature, the best thing is to contact your Team Lead/Deputy or a member of the Organisational Committee.
At the time of writing this, the Committee Members and department heads are as follows;

Committee Members;
Chairperson: Trent Lloyd
Vice Chairperson: Shane Short
Treasurer: Reyhan Lange-Kapancioglu
Secretary: Tim Rafael
OCM: Brody Stockel
OCM: Adrian Witt
OCM: Liam Hill

Games Team;
Team Lead: Liam Hill
Deputy: Adrian Witt

Tech Support;
Team Lead: Dominic May

Team Lead: Shane Short
Deputy: Tim Raphael

Red Team;
Team Lead: Nathan Scrafton
Deputy: Mikhail Gleeson

Team Lead: Reyhan Lange-Kapancioglu
Deputy: Teresa Saxby

Team Lead: Harry Cox
Deputy: Liam Hill

Stream Production/Management;
Team Lead: Jett Jackson
Deputy: Bailey Taylor

Meme Team;
Team Lead: Shane Short
Deputy: Tim Raphael

RF Casuals;
Team Lead: Joe Thorpe
Deputy: Jett Jackson

Team Lead: Shane Short
Deputy: Tim Raphael

Team Lead: Adrian Witt
Deputy: Liam Hill

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