Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Year Released


Produced By

Valve Corporation




  • Tournament Status Major Tourn
  • Team size 5v5


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012, with the Linux version released in September 2014. The game pits two teams against each other: the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other while also completing separate objectives, the Terrorists, depending on the game mode, must either plant the bomb or defend the hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists must either prevent the bomb from being planted, defuse the bomb, or rescue the hostages. There are six game modes, all of which have distinct characteristics specific to that mode.

Competition Format

Teams 5v5, Group Stage Qualifier + Single Elim Final Bracket, Warmod Competitive Plugin

Rule Updates

  • 15/09/2019 – Replaced de_cache to de_vertigo in active map pool. Added provision for 1 hour delayed start in case of updates.
  • 16/05/2018 – Participants of the CS:GO Final brackets must record a POV demo
  • 24/04/2018 – Map pool updated to reflect current competitive map pool. Replaced de_cbble with de_dust2. Also allowing veto function.
  • 04/04/2017 – Map pool updated to reflect current competitive map pool. Removed Dust2, added Inferno.
  • 12/03/2017 – Updated rules to reflect change of format. Added rule regarding draws being permitted during group stages.

General Information

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is played in the format of Teams 5 v 5. The first stage of the tournament will be a group round robin qualifier with the top two teams of each group entering a BO1 single elimination final bracket with a BO3 Semi and Grand Final.. The competition will be run in accordance to many online tournaments with similar rule sets.

The tournament will start off with a group round robin stage, all teams will play each other at least once (pending bracket sizes). The top two teams at the end of the group stage section will advance to the next stage of the competition. The top 2 teams from each will compete in a single elimination final bracket in a best of one map format. Semi Final & Grand Final matches will be played in a best of three maps and will be decided by an Eliminate/Pick scenario (Eliminate one, Pick a map, remainder map tie breaker).

Servers will be setup with Warmod, which require teams to ready up. If both teams agree having a map veto, they may conduct a knife round to decide how to start the process. The map veto is final. If a team does not wish to follow the veto, the match must proceed on the map specified by the Games Admins. Once both teams have readied up, the game begins.

The game winning conditions is first to have a score of 16. Teams with the highest score at the end wins. In the event of a tie, the game will be reset and overtime will commence.

Team captains are responsible for reporting scores to the tournament admin for submitting to the tournament scoring system. Scores must be confirmed by BOTH team captains including, which team won, and the round scores, Eg. TeamA won 16-5

The game winning conditions is first to have a score of 16. Teams with the highest score at the end wins. In the event of a tie, the game will be reset and overtime will commence.

In case of a CS:GO update, the tournament can be delayed by an hour to ensure proper functionality. If there is a change of an active map pool due to the update, the RFLAN Games Admin can change the map rotation to reflect the new active map pool.

Finals Bracket Demo Requirement

All participants of the CS:GO Finals Bracket will be required to record a point of view demo of their matches. A Games Admin has the right to request the demo and failure to produce a demo will result in the team’s disqualification from a match.

Map Specific Format Information [UPDATED]

All maps will be played in the game mode Bomb. The aim of the game is the Terrorists to plant a bomb at either A or B bombsite and successfully detonate the device OR kill all members of the enemy team

The map pool consists of the following maps:

  • de_nuke
  • de_inferno
  • de_train
  • de_mirage
  • de_vertigo
  • de_overpass
  • de_dust2

RFLAN 64 Qualifier Map Rotation

  1. de_dust2
  2. de_nuke
  3. de_inferno
  4. de_train
  5. de_mirage
  6. de_vertigo
  7. de_overpass

Server Specific Settings

  • Warmod Plugin active.
  • Bomb Timer: 40 seconds
  • Round Timer: 1:55
  • Start Money: 800
  • Demo Recording: Enabled
  • Log Recording: Enabled
  • Veto: Enabled

Client Specific Settings

The use of custom content including sprites, skins, score boards, crosshairs are not allowed. All content must be of the vanilla game provided by Valve.

Teams must set their ingame team name to the same name used on the RFLAN Intranet. Teams will be penalized if this rule is not followed.

Overtime Rules

During the group round robin stages, draws are permitted and should be reported as such. Overtime will not be played during the group stage.

During the single elimination final stage, in the event of a draw ending in a 15-15 score, overtime match will be played with max rounds set to 6 and start money set to $10,000. Teams will play overtime until a winner is determined. If your team encounters an overtime situation you must immediately report this to the games admin who will restart the server with the appropriate round settings.

Match Interuption / Technical Issues Resolution

A. If the match is interupted due to server crash or player connection issue (not as a result of point C) in the first three rounds of play the games admins will restart the server resetting the scores to 0 and previous rounds/scores/cash to be discarded.

B. If this occurs after 3 rounds then the game will be restarted as it left off but start money for both teams will be set to $5000 (for that half) and rounds continued to be played until a winner is determined or a overtime situation occurs.

C. In the event there are issues surrounding stable power, network or other situations which are the result of RFLAN’s venue or infrastructure, team captains must report this immediately to the game administrators who will make a call whether to cancel a match or allow a restart.

General Rules and Information

  • All teams must join their allocated server within 10 minutes of announcement or the team will forfeit.
  • The tournament is open to all ticket holders of RFLAN and must be physically present at the event to participate.
  • External players outside of the RFLAN event are not to be used. If external players are found to be used, the team will be immediately disqualified.
  • All players in the tournament must join RFLAN’s Discord server and be present in the #csgo channel.
  • Teams are allowed to use up to 1 substitute players in a match. A player can only be a substitute if they have not played on any other team in the duration of this tournament, either as a main player or as a substitute.
  • Substitute players must be confirmed by the team captain with a game admin who will approve or disapprove the use of the substitute player. The decision whether a substitute player can or cannot be used is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  • Substitute players must abide by all rules as any other participant in the tournament
  • Game administrators reserve the right to suspend tournament play in the event of unfavorable network/power conditions.
  • Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, even in the face of unfavourable rulings. Anyone caught abusing any person at the event may, at the discretion of event organisers be removed from their tournament, or in extreme cases, the event itself.
  • Use of scripts is not allowed with the exception of buy scripts.
  • Use of third party cheats or hacks to gain an unfair advantage is strictly not allowed.
  • Teams found to be using hacks or cheats will be disqualified from the competition
  • Using exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. Teams found to be using exploits will forfeit their match.
  • Joining other matches or servers will games in progress is not allowed. Anyone found to be doing this will cause their team to forfeit.
  • Keep the game fun for everyone, no trash talking or excessive global binds.
  • Common sense. Don’t do anything stupid.


The use of any bugs or exploits to create an unfair advantage is strictly forbidden. Planting the bomb in locations that make it impossible to defuse is forbidden. Using glitches and bugs in map design to stand on invisible ledges etc is forbidden.


Tournament admins should be informed immediately if there is a dispute between teams and/or with a player.

In the event of a dispute between two teams, the admin running the competition will review both parties explanations and may spectate the game to determine a verdict.

Decisions made by the tournament admin are made with best judgement and should be respected.

Maps and other files

No mods will be required client side as it is all server side. Some custom maps may be utilised during the competition. They will be made available to you on http://files.rflan.org at the event, or by joining the relevant server and the game will automatically download them.

Other Conditions [Updated]

The Lead Games Admin of the event has the power to veto any ruling made by game administrators and/or the rulings on this page. The decision of the Lead Games Admin on any matter is final.

On occasion an admin may enter your game to spectate. Admin abuse will not be tolerated, with punishment of disqualification.

By participating in the tournament you agree to have your games shown on projectors or TV’s for spectators.

All global ingame chat is to be non-abusive. General banter is acceptable, however should be kept to a minimum. Excess abuse to other players will not be tolerated.

As the tournament is sponsored, you also agree to have your photo taken with all team members on the stage or other location specified by RFLAN admins if in order to claim your prize/s.