All other tournaments…

All other tournaments…

General Rules for All Tournaments


All RFLAN event tournaments, minor or major are governed by this set of general conduct rules and should be adhered to at all times regardless of what competition you are playing in.

RFLAN tournaments are conducted for all attendees of all skill levels. All attendees, staff, casters and other officials must demonstrate a high level of respect for each other.

Participating in Tournaments

All RFLAN tournaments run through the RFLAN Tournament system. This system may change event to event, however details of such specifics will be made available at the event itself.

All players are expected to login to this service and have this open for the duration of any tournament. Notifications and match proceedings may be found on this system

We also encourage all tournament players to utilise our Discord server. Many tournaments require mandatory attendance by team captains and/or players. Please check the game tournament rule page for further information.

Tournament Sign up

The standard procedure for signing up for a tournament as a team is as followed:

  1. RFLAN Tournament admins announce sign-ups are open for named tournament
  2. Players log in to the RFLAN’s tournament system and follow the instructions given by RFLAN tournament admins.

Not all attendees will be part of a prearranged team. These players are called PUG players. PUG players can still sign up for the tournament. The standard procedure for signing up for a tournament as a PUG player is as followed:

  1. RFLAN tournament admins announce sign-ups are open for named tournament
  2. Players log in to the RFLAN tournament system and if available sign up as a PUG player.

RFLAN admins will attempt to sort PUG players into teams prior to sign-ups closing. Please listen out for announcements regarding PUG players.

Whilst all efforts will be made to place PUG players into a team to play in the tournament, unfortunately this isn’t always possible due to numbers and some PUG players may miss out.

Team Captains of teams without a full compliment of players are free to pick from the PUG list. Team captains are responsible for ensuring they are aware who their PUG player is and where they are seated at the event.

PUG players as a courtesy should not join any existing team without expressed permission from the Team Captain or RFLAN tournament admins.

Tournament Sign up Closure

  1. RFLAN tournament admins will announce sign ups are closing and all teams to be finalised.
  2. Any team that does not have a full compliment of players for that tournament may be removed from the tournament if suitable players are not found. Team Captains are encouraged to utilise any PUG players.
  3. RFLAN tournament admins will also attempt to call for additional PUG players to fill empty spaces in teams. All efforts will be made to allow your team to play, however it may not always be possible to do so.
  4. RFLAN tournaments are scheduled events and must start on time. Any issues with players signing into the Intranet should be sorted at the start of the event. Tournaments later in the event, being unable to login to the intranet to sign up is NOT a valid excuse and tournaments will not be held up due to it.
  5. Once signups are closed, the tournament will be started by the RFLAN tournament admins and proceedings will commence.

Tournament Player Conduct

  • Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, even in the face of unfavourable rulings. Anyone caught abusing any person at the event may, at the discretion of event organisers be removed from their tournament, or in extreme cases, the event itself.
  • All players should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and treat everyone with respect, including casters, sponsors and RFLAN staff.
  • Any cases of unsportsmanlike conduct should be immediately reported to either the RFLAN tournament admins or another RFLAN staff member.
  • Abusive behaviour towards RFLAN tournament admins or other staff will not be tolerated. In the event this occurs, you and/or your team may be forfeited from the tournament entirely. In extreme cases, ejection from the event.
  • The use of any exploits, cheats, hacks or utilities to gain an unfair advantage is not tolerated. Players found to be utilising such methods will be disqualified from the tournament and/or future tournaments. Extreme cases may be met with event bans.

Tournament Proceedings

All players in the tournament should join their allocated server or game as quickly as possible. Different tournaments have different methods of play and you should refer to the rules of that particular game which can be found on the RFLAN website.

All players are expected to be present at the event in time for their matches. Breaks will be permitted and generally allowed at the discretion of RFLAN tournament admin.

RFLAN tournament admins will make up to two calls for a team to enter their match. A third and final call will be made. In the attempt players and/or teams that are absent when the final calls are made , that team will forfeit that round and/or tournament completely.

In the event of an issue that prevents you and/or your team from starting your match, you must immediately report this to the RFLAN tournament admins.

Tournament Spectating

  • Spectators are welcome to spectate the event and tournaments. Spectators must not interfere with any ongoing tournament and/or players.
  • Spectators may not join any official match server with the purpose of spectating the game. Any spectating can be done via streams of the match (if available) or watching the player play directly on their computer.
  • Spectators are not permitted to play in any of RFLAN tournaments unless explicitly allowed by the tournament rules. This is non-negotiable. Spectators also may not play on any attendees computer for the purpose of participating in RFLAN tournaments.
  • Spectators found to be aiding tournament players with information or hints that otherwise the player in the tournament wouldn’t have access to will be removed.
  • Penalties for the player/s involved and/or team will be applied including and not limited to disqualification from the tournament, or ejection from the event.

Tournament Shoutcasting & Streaming

  • Players are permitted to stream their games via a streaming service such as Twitch. A delay of at least 30 seconds should be used to prevent the stream from being used to determine live game tournament information which could advantage a player and/or team.
  • RFLAN has an official list of Shoutcasters and Streamers who will on occasion request joining your game to commentate and stream your match. Tournament players are encouraged to open their games to the official RFLAN shoutcasters and streamers.
  • RFLAN tournament admins may also instruct them to join matches and all tournament players should do their best to accommodate them. Only official RFLAN endorsed shoutcasters and streamers are permitted to join other players games.
  • All RFLAN Shoutcasters and streamers are expected to follow all tournament rules and conduct themselves in a professional manner. They must adhere to any instructions given by RFLAN tournament admins or staff.
  • RFLAN tournament matches will not be postponed or delayed to wait for shoutcasters.
  • RFLAN expects shoutcasters to be ready to perform their function at any given time. Concessions to this rule may be granted in exceptional circumstances. These concessions are granted on a case-by-case basis.

General Conditions of Entry to RFLAN Events & Tournaments

  • All rules and regulations of RFLAN events are in effect during any tournaments.
  • All players are subjected to our venues bi-laws and breaking these may result in expulsion from RFLAN tournaments or the event entirely. RFLAN staff are required to uphold these regulations and ensure they are followed by all attendees, sponsors and spectators.
  • All persons at the event are subject to Local, State and Federal Laws.
  • All ingame names and team names must be of an appropriate nature that can be broadcast and/or published to RFLAN’s social media pages. Teams found to be using inappropriate names will be removed from the tournament without warning.
  • RFLAN tournaments are sponsored and RFLAN must uphold the brand integrity of those sponsors. You are required to have your photo taken by authorised RFLAN staff for the purpose of publishing winner photos. This is non-negotiable and you agree to forfeit your prize if you do not wish to have your photo taken.
  • You are to employ the method of common sense when dealing with any aspect of RFLAN tournaments. You are expected to follow the spirit of the rules which is to maintain a fun and fair tournament for all. Whilst every effort is made to account for all situations, it is unlikely these rules will cover all situations.
  • RFLAN tournament admins are authorized to interpret the rules and regulations as they see fit.
  • All RFLAN tournaments are overseen by the Lead Tournament Administrator. This person is overall responsible for ensuring the tournaments are run fairly and smoothly.
  • The Lead Tournament Administrator has the final say on any matter and can overrule RFLAN tournament admins with any decision. The Lead Tournament Administrator has the power to veto any rule in any tournament.