Hi All, we know you’ve all been keenly waiting to see the outcome of the PUBG poll so here it is!

For any that are unaware; at RF59 we ran 2 PUBG tournaments both in Third Person Perspective (TPP). Given we received virtually no indication from the post-event survey or in between events to point toward the fact that First Person Perspective (FPP) would now be preferred, we proceeded to organise the tournament with the same rule set as the last event.

After releasing the tournament details we received a great deal of feedback that attendees would rather play in FPP. While we were considering this, we decided to provide a poll for attendees and our community to gauge the communities opinion. The outcome of the poll was overwhelmingly FPP.

Given that 7 out of 10 people in our community would rather play FPP, we have made the decision and would like to advise that the three primary game modes Solo, Duo and Squads will be played in First Person Perspective at RF60. We realize that while this may disappoint some people, we’d like to remind everyone that we are a community based event and our mandate is to cater to whatever will encourage the highest participation and enjoyment out of our attendees. No other major changes will be made to the rules. For the hardcore TPP players out there, remember there will be many TPP casual games running during the event in addition to some surprise TPP tournaments which should be awesome!

Now that’s over we would also like to announce that we will be having 2 TPP capped entry tournaments of the new WAR PUBG Deathmatch 😀
While it’s only been out for a couple of days, the RF staff have been really enjoying testing it out ready for RFLAN!
Be sure to keep an eye out for it when tournament registrations open:)

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