Overwatch 6v6

Competition Format

Teams 6v6, Group Stages + Single Elim Final Bracket, Competitive Mode, Custom Games

Rule Updates

06/09/2017 – Added Horizon Lunar Colony to map pool, clarified Control Best of 3.
27/09/2017 – Added JunkerTown to map list

General Information

Overwatch is a 6v6 first person shooter game. The objective of the game varies based on the map and game type. There are four map types of Assault, Escort, Control and Hybrid. The objective of the game is to either capture more control points than the other team, push the payload through checkpoints until completion or a mixture of the two. See Map Specific Format Information section for detailed information on the maps.

The competition will be played in two stages, Group stage round robin with single map rounds. All teams will be placed in a group and all teams will face each other once in a group. You will earn points for winning matches and drawing matches. Draws are allowed in the group stage and should be reported as such. The top two teams from each group will move into the single elimination finals bracket.

Single elimination bracket will be single map rounds until the Semi Final. The single elimination bracket map selection will be selected using OWDRAFT ban/pick method which team captains are responsible for organizing between themselves. Captains must report the result of the draft to the games administrator immediately upon draft completion. Semi Final and Grand Final matches will be best of three maps, with winner bracket team having an one game advantage. 

Creating the custom game and inviting the other players into the game will be the responsibility of team captains to organise. 

All players participating in the RFLAN Overwatch tournament must join the RFLAN Discord and must remain connected throughout the duration of the tournament. Game Administrators will be using Discord as a platform to update players and keep everyone informed as to the proceedings.

The rules and restrictions will follow closely to established competitive leagues, however RFLAN tournaments are being run for all participants, whether new to gaming or experienced players. Please see Server Settings section for specific information regarding this.

Map Specific Format Information [UPDATED]

The following maps may be played at during the tournament. Games will be run in Competitive Mode. Please see http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Competitive_Play for information on how each map type plays in competitive.

Escort Maps

Route 66
Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Hybrid Maps

King’s Row

Control Maps

Lijiang Tower

Assault Maps

Temple of Anubis
Volskaya Industries
Horizon Lunar Colony

Server Specific Settings [UPDATED]

The custom game as of patch v1.8.0 introduced a new custom game browser and more options to tweak for custom games. The following settings should be applied for each custom game.  Team captains are responsible for ensuring that only the below options are changed from defaults. Modification of any other values is strictly prohibited. Team captains and players should verify the settings in the custom game lobby prior to starting. Please inform game administrators of any issues.

  • All matches for the tournament must use the inbuilt Competitive preset, which can be found under Settings / Presets.
  • Disable all maps except round map specified by game administrators
  • Kill Cam disabled (Settings > Modes > All)
  • Control Maps use Competitive preset default of Best of 3

All other options including hero ability percentages should remain unchanged from the preset default.

All matches shall be played on the Americas Battle.NET region. Please note there is no way to force the client currently to select an AU server. A game is considered valid if a server is joined and the current server ping response time is under ~100 milliseconds.

Match Interuption / Technical Issues Resolution 

A. If the match is interupted due to player connection issue (not as a result of point D) in the first 3 minutes of play the game should be cancelled and all players returned to the lobby.

B. If this occurs after 3 minutes then the game must continue and players can rejoin as necessary.

C. In the event a match is started on a server that has in excess of 100 millisecond response time, the game can be immediately cancelled and players returned to the lobby to try again.

D. In the event there are issues surrounding stable power, network or other situations which are the result of RFLAN’s venue or infrastructure, team captains must report this immediately to the game administrators who will make a call whether to cancel a match or allow a restart.

General Rules and Information 

  • The tournament is open to all ticket holders of RFLAN and must be physically present at the event to participate.
  • External players outside of the RFLAN event are not to be used. If external players are found to be used, the team will be immediately disqualified.
  • All players in the tournament must join RFLAN’s Discord server and be present in the #overwatch channel.
  • Teams are allowed to use up to 1 substitute players in a match. A player can only be a substitute if they have not played on any other team in the duration of this tournament, either as a main player or as a substitute.
  • Substitute players must be confirmed by the team captain with a game admin who will approve or disapprove the use of the substitute player. The decision whether a substitute player can or cannot be used is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  • Substitute players must abide by all rules as any other participant in the tournament
  • All team players must join their allocated lobby within 10 minutes of announcement. The game must start within this timeframe or game administrators may take action including but not limited to disqualifying a team.
  • Game administrators reserve the right to suspend tournament play in the event of unfavorable network/power conditions.
  • Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, even in the face of unfavourable rulings. Anyone caught abusing any person at the event may, at the discretion of event organisers be removed from their tournament, or in extreme cases, the event itself.
  • Use of scripts is not allowed
  • Use of any Battle.NET region other than Americas is not allowed.
  • Sharing the use of a Battle.NET account with any participants is disallowed
  • Use of third party cheats or hacks to gain an unfair advantage is strictly not allowed.
  • Teams found to be using hacks or cheats will be disqualified from the competition
  • Using exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed. Teams found to be using exploits will forfeit their match.
  • Joining other matches other than your allocated lobby is not allowed. Anyone found to be doing this will cause their team to forfeit.
  • Keep the game fun for everyone, no trash talking or excessive global binds.
  • Common sense. Don’t do anything stupid.


The use of any bugs or exploits to create an unfair advantage is strictly forbidden. Using glitches and bugs in map design to stand on invisible ledges etc is forbidden. Game administrators reserve the right to determine what is and is not an exploit.


Tournament admins should be informed immediately if there is a dispute between teams and/or with a player.

In the event of a dispute between two teams, the admin running the competition will review both parties explanations and may spectate the game to determine a verdict.

Decisions made by the tournament admin are made with best judgement and should be respected.

Other Conditions

The Lead Games Admin of the event has the power to veto any ruling made by game administrators and/or the rulings on this page. The decision of the Lead Games Admin on any matter is final.

By participating in the tournament you hereby agree to the tournament rules as published by Red Flag Lan Fest on their website and other applicable mediums. Red Flag Lan Fest reserve the right to delay, reschedule, cancel and/or change any aspect of the tournament as necessary. Red Flag Lan Fest will provide notice of changes on a best effort basis.

On occasion an admin may enter your game to spectate. Admin abuse will not be tolerated, with punishment of disqualification.

These rules are not a finite list and all players should conduct themselves in the spirit of the competition.

All global ingame chat is to be non-abusive. General banter is acceptable, however should be kept to a minimum. Excess abuse to other players will not be tolerated.

As the tournament is sponsored, you also agree to have your photo taken with all team members on the stage or other location specified by RFLAN admins if in order to claim your prizes.

Overwatch 1v1

General Information

All standard Overwatch rules above apply to the Overwatch 1v1 tournament. Tournament will be played in the single elimination format.

1v1 Custom Game preset to be used. All other options including hero ability percentages should remain unchanged from the preset default.