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Let the games begin.

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LAN party

A party where people bring their own computers, hook them up, and game all night long with each other.
Also involves mass comsumption of caffeine and junk food.

I can’t wait to pwn everone at tonight’s lan party.

Urban Dictionary (2004)

Welcome to RFLAN

Founded by three local gaming enthusiasts in April 2000, Red Flag Lan Fest Inc (or RFLAN) is Perth's largest cyberathletics and electronic gaming organisation.

Red Flag brings together gamers of all ages and levels over two action packed days every few months, giving them the opportunity to prove themselves in a range of competitions and socialise with other like minded people.


The golden standard for all LAN parties. Bring your PC along and bask in your fellow members of the master race.


If you’re not here for the PC gaming, there’s the latest gaming consoles AND the most classic arcade machines.


Finally, if you’re after something completely different, try out the tabletop section!



League of Legends: 11am Start
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 11am Start
Air Hockey: 12:30pm Start
DOTA 2: 2pm Start
Overwatch: 3pm Start
Rocket League: 4:30pm Start
Super Smash Brothers Melee: 6pm Start
Street Fighter V: 7pm Start
Hearthstone: 8pm Start
Heroes of the Storm: 8:30pm Start
Starcraft2: LotV: 10pm Start

Fun Competitions

Arcade Tournaments

*Fun Competitions subject to change


Click each game for the competition rules.

Rainbow 6 Siege
Rocket League
Smash Bros Melee
Street Fighter V
Heroes of the Storm
Starcraft 2

And More.


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A LAN party as epic as RFLAN requires a venue that’s equally as epic. That’s why we choose to run it at Curtin Stadium.

Opened in 2009, Curtin Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility, perfect for the high demands of RFLAN. With carpeted flooring, a powerful air conditioning system, and a high-tech security system, it’s put all of our previous venues to shame. Finally, it has an absolutely massive carpark, so parking is never an issue.

Curtin Stadium is located on-campus at Curtin University in Bentley, and is accessible via Kent Street.

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What to Bring

Do Bring:

  • Desktop or notebook PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cords
  • Basic 4-outlet Power board
  • 5 to 10 metre network cable
  • Headphones. (No speakers.)
  • Driver and software cds, game install cds, spare keyboard/mouse/etc.
  • (Optional) Chair, pillows, sleeping gear
Don’t Bring:

  • White goods (bar fridges, freezers, kettles, microwaves, large eskies, etc)
  • Eskies that don’t fit under a chair, or that contain ice or liquids that could leak
  • Speakers, large lights or other potentially irritating devices
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons (real or real-looking replicas)
  • More than one computer, eg additional laptops, NAS devices and servers
  • UPS’s, large fans, or any device that may draw higher power usage
  • Multiple large monitors (Dual 21″ or larger) or large TV-size monitors (30″+)
  • Large quantities of food or drinks.
  • Quantities of caffeinated drinks that may be considered dangerous levels


RFLAN #55 will be happening on October 1st and 2nd. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday the 20th of August at 12pm.

Tickets Sold

Group Seating

The best way to enjoy RFLAN is in a group with all of your friends!  Once everyone has purchased their tickets, you can submit a group seating request.

To make your request please fill out our form here, if you later need to make changes you can re-submit to the same form: Group Seating Request Form.

The deadline for seating requests is 11pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.

To view the current floor plan and group seating allocations, see the Floor Planner.  Please note that this updated periodically and may not be up to date with the latest seating requests.